Alumni 1990-1999

You continued to share a value of respect for local partners groups in the developing world, and a commitment to work with people at the grassroots of change. Volunteering in Canada grows and evolves with the launch of VSO Canada.

The Catalyst Spring 2018 Alumnotes: Special Requests

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  • Special Requests


The Catalyst Spring 2018 In Memoriam: 1990s

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  • Helen Rommings: Jamaica 1990–1991


The Catalyst Spring 2017 In Memoriam: 1990s

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  • Joana Foster: Staff

  • Rosa Candia: Chile 1991–1995, 1995–1999, 1999–2001; Costa Rica, 2001

  • Christian Brun: Mozambique 1998–2001, 2001–2002

Past Alumnotes: 1990-1999

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  • Gudrun Leys: Vanuatu 1997-1998

  • Glen Blahut Nigeria 1981–1983, 1992–1995

  • Vincent Deschamps: Indonesia 1991–1993

  • Lisa Roberts: Guatemala 1997–1999

  • David Coon : Nicaragua 1990

Past In Memoriam: 1990-1999

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  • Norma McKenzie: Malawi 1997-1999, Guyana 2000-2003, Ethiopia 2007-2008,

  • Carson, Rev. William (Mac) McMillin: Board member 1992-1994

Books by Alumni: 1990-1999

Terry Vulcano: Belize 1992-1995, Botswana 1982-1985

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